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Your dream starts right here, right now.

We love weddings that evoke feelings; we love elegant, genuine, creative and unconventional weddings; those where love, truth and enthusiasm are the main characters. We’ll take care of everything, so you can enjoy the whole preparation process and, of course, your big day; we’ll turn your wedding into an amazing experience, as unique as you are. The core of our work is serving people and our higher purpose is to bring beautiful moments into their lives. We help couples make their dreams come true, with our passion and care.

We provide a high-quality service focused on planning bespoke, original, distinctive and creative events; unique and meticulously designed weddings, created with passion, emotion and enthusiasm. Weddings where couples are the source of our inspiration. With a proven track record in wedding planning – over a hundred weddings – at Pasión Eventos we are experts in designing, planning, advising, managing and coordinating all aspects of a wedding, understanding and translating your vision into reality with good sense and some art, introducing creative ideas, and making sure every part, every touch reflects beauty and harmony. Out of a central theme, we’ll create a beautiful, sound and evoking wedding.

Always stay true to yourselves and don’t try to impress nobody; luxury is, actually, having the chance to be surrounded by the people you love and the things that you like and make you happy. Don’t let others make the decisions on how your wedding should be, it would be a shame to do so, and it makes no sense.

Trust in us and don’t let stress and lack of expertise ruin your big day; rely upon us, with our experience and know-how you’ll have the best possible wedding. We assure you that everything will turn out simply perfect.

It will be a very special event that will reflect your style, your character, that will tell your story and the love you share. It will be an unforgettable experience for you and for those who join you on that day.

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