Delphine & Dario

Destination Wedding. From France and Italy to Majorca.

When we decided to get married in Majorca, we knew we would need a wedding planner to help us out with the wedding, as we live in Barcelona. And a friend of ours recommended Marián.

That was the best decision we made – having Pasión Eventos to plan our wedding. Firstly, because they made the preparation process easy and also enjoyable, and secondly, because we enjoyed our wedding to the full, completely stress free. We were very happy!

But I’d also like to point something out, aimed at those couples who are thinking of hiring a wedding planner:

Marián doesn’t provide ‘pre-designed wedding packs’, as many others do. She creates tailored-made weddings with each couple and for each couple. When planning the wedding, we realised she’s got a lot of expertise in the tourism and wedding planning business; she knows the best suppliers in the region. And she only recommends the ones that suit your style and meet your preferences.

Marián is an excellent wedding planner! And I say so not only as a customer but mainly as a specialist, as I’ve worked for 8 years as an event planner for the business and trade department at the French Embassy in Spain; I have experience in this field, working in demanding and challenging environments, so I know what I’m saying. She’s a great professional: she gives good advice, works only with reputed suppliers, understands her clients, offers great service at reasonable rates… She is trustworthy, responsible and well disposed.

Lastly, I’d like to add that as a result of the amazing job Marián did, our wedding turned into the experience of a lifetime, a magical and unforgettable day; ‘the day with the highest concentration levels of happiness in our lives,’ as Darío described it sometime later. Everyone was full of joy – our relatives, our friends, and ourselves, of course. ? A memorable day indeed! And we owe that happiness to Marián, her team, and all the suppliers she worked with on that day.


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