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The core of our work is serving people and our purpose is to add value to our clients by helping them with the planning of their corporate and private events in an efficient and non-stressful way.

We provide a dedicated and fine service with a creative, genuine and innovative approach to each project, creating bespoke and unique events with passion and enthusiasm.

We plan all types of events for corporate and private clients who are looking for honest, high-quality and professional advice for them to hold successful parties and events.

With an extensive track record in event planning, at Pasión Eventos we offer a full event management service (advice, design, planning, styling, coordination), understanding and turning our client’s vision into reality with artistry and sensitivity, introducing creative ideas and making sure every element of the event expresses beauty and harmony. We create beautiful, sound and evoking events around a central theme.

Organización de bodas y eventos Mallorca

Organizadoras de eventos Mallorca

Decoración eventos Mallorca

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