Joe & Matt

Joe & Matt

Destination Wedding. From London to Majorca.

Since we returned from our wedding in Mallorca, it’s been a day that we have relived most days since. It’s not just the day of the wedding we have relived though, Joe and I have been fondly recalling the whole process, from first meeting Marian 6 months beforehand.

On that first day, it was clear to us both that Marian and Pasion Eventos would help realise our vision for our celebration and we couldn’t have imagined a better outcome.

The fact that we were in regular contact throughout the 6 months before the day was key. You were always prepared for every conversation, listened intently to us, but moreover, never dictated which path we should follow, but let us arrive there ourselves by providing detailed information for every option.

As the day grew closer and more decisions had to be made, we never felt stressed or panicked but, conversely, reassured that everything was in hand. We were guided through each step and given clear schedules as to when key decisions would need to be made – helping us to discuss and decide in appropriate time.

Similarly, on the day, the incredible level of organisation from Marian and Pasion Eventos (in a venue that they hadn’t worked before) was staggering. Joe and I could not help but smile as the pieces came together in front of our eyes and we could then just relax and enjoy the day, which we truly did!

The fact that Joe and I were genuinely upset to say goodbye to Marian encapsulates how good a job Marian and Pasion Eventos did. We really bonded with her and we genuinely hope to stay in touch in the years to come.

Thank you, Marian. It was fantastic to work with you. We both miss you and hope to see you again.

Matt and Joe xxx

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