Lola & Cesar

Destination Wedding. From France to Majorca.

Dear Marián,

First of all, we’d like to thank you, with our whole heart, for the passion and effort you put in our wedding. October 1st has been, no doubt, the happiest day in our lives. The enthusiasm and passion reflected on your blog and website was the deciding factor in our decision to trust you with the planning of our wedding. Today we’re positive it was the best decision we could make. The most important thing to us was that everyone had a great time and that we could enjoy our wedding without having to worry about a thing; we knew we could trust in you and your team, that you would take care of everything. And you did! Everything turned out exactly the way we wanted. So much so that even today, 3 months after the wedding, our relatives and friends are still telling us how beautiful and marvellous the wedding was and what a great time they had. If we did it again, we would do it the same (we wouldn’t change a thing), and, needless to say, we would hire you and all the suppliers you selected for the day. Many times, we think how wonderful it would be to live that moment again, so much so that we’re even toying with the idea of celebrating our 5th anniversary in the same way! ?

Big hug!

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