Marloes & Stijn

Destination Wedding. From Holland to Majorca.

Dear Marián, Muchísimas gracias! Its been 3 weeks since our wedding and back home in Amsterdam we are still enjoying and re-living all the beautiful moments of our wedding. You played a big part in this as well and we cannot thank you enough for organizing our BIG day the way you did, and exactly the way we dreamt of and hoped for. Thanks to you we both did not have any doubts, nerves or worries about how the day would go and we (and our guests) therefore could enjoy it to the fullest. And that’s what we believe how a wedding should be for the bride and groom. We only received numerous wonderful, enthusiastic, emotional and exciting reactions from our guests. We believe no one could have done it better than you did and therefore we could only highly recommend you to bride-and-grooms-to-be. We listed therefore the most important points for us:

  • Marián is well-organized, proactive and very responsive during the wedding preparation period.
  • She leverages a high quality and extensive network of suppliers, where you don’t need to worry or doubt about delivering the expectations as she only works with a select group of suppliers with a proven track record. She for example did her utmost best to workaround the exclusive catering agreement (which was signed after our agreement with the venue) so that we could hire the caterer we initially requested. We most likely could not have been able to reach this agreement without her help.
  • During the wedding day itself she absolutely takes care of everything and there was no need to worry about anything and to fully enjoy.
  • All in all hiring Marián as your wedding planner is very good value for money, and we would highly recommend her to anyone. And especially when its a destination wedding, you cannot do it without her.
  • And above all, Marián is a great person to work with, both personally and professionally!


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