Nicole & Christian

Destination Wedding. From Singapore, USA and Sweden to Majorca.

Dear Marian, we have now arrived back in Singapore (and slept for a whole day, it’s exhausting getting married!) after a dream vacation and wedding. The entire week was fantastic, but the final day of the wedding topped it ALL. It was truly amazing and we have nothing but memories for life! And we have you to thank for making it all so perfect, we are forever grateful!

All of our friends were unanimous in saying that this was the greatest wedding they had ever attended and that it will never be topped by anyone anywhere. We agree, can’t be beat. (We win!) Everyone had a great time and will be talking about this for years.

Like you we can’t believe it’s all over already, we want to do it again! Most of our family and friends are already telling us we need to have our anniversary in Spain next year so that they get to come back. If so, we’ll give you a call. Haha…

And how to repay you for making it all happen??? Not sure it’s possible, but we’ll be forever grateful and hereby promise to be YOUR wedding planner should you ever decide to take the plunge. (I have a few friends lined up for you, just let me know and I’ll set it up! Haha…)

Forever grateful! Regards.

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