Wedding planner in Mallorca


Planning your wedding should bring you happiness only. We’ll work closely with you to create your dreamed wedding.

Our higher purpose is to serve and assist people, while bringing beautiful moments into their lives. We help couples make their dreams come true, with our passion and care.

We provide a high-quality service aimed at planning bespoke, original, distinctive and creative events; unique and meticulously designed weddings, created with passion, emotion and enthusiasm. Weddings where couples are the source of our inspiration.

All our resources will be at your disposal: our experience, expertise and creativity, and together, we’ll embark on this amazing journey. But it’s your day, so you call the shots. We won’t make decisions on your behalf; you are free to decide how involved you want to be in planning your wedding.

We provide all sorts of services and adapt them to each couple’s needs. We are convinced that we can help you have a more pleasant, less stressing and more enjoyable experience.


Premium wedding service

Our premium service? A tailored-made event, by you and for you. It includes everything: professional advice during the whole process, finding the venue, selecting and hiring the right professionals, styling and dressing the venue, managing every detail, on-the-day coordination…

We conceive every project from scratch and do the groundwork for you. Then we design, plan, organise, coordinate and supervise every part and detail of your wedding, from start to finish. After our initial meetings, we’ll prepare a detailed proposal and we’ll develop the planning of your wedding step by step with you.

On the wedding day, we’ll be on site to ensure everything is on schedule and running smoothly, and also to co-ordinate all suppliers and staff.

With our premium service, you won’t need to worry about a thing!

Diseño y organización de bodas Mallorca
Servicio de decoración de bodas Mallorca


This service is aimed at couples who believe a good styling and design can really make a difference on their wedding day.

If your wish for a dream-like setting, a magical ambiance, and a beautiful, elegant and unique wedding, let us do the job, or better still, let’s do it together!


If you are the kind of couple who enjoys planning their own wedding, and yet you believe that, on the big day, you’d be better off with a professional coordinator by your side, then you just need to hire our bespoke on-the-day coordination service.

One of our experienced wedding coordinator will be with you at all times, taking care of all issues, making sure everything is running smoothly, acting as the point of contact for you, the staff and the guests. With our service you will be able to relax and enjoy your wedding to the fullest, without having to worry about anything at all. Your only task will be to have fun, to laugh, to dance, and to make the most of your day. After so many months of planning, you deserve it.

Organizadora de bodas exclusivas Mallorca
Profesionales en organización de bodas y eventos


With this service we’ll provide the styling and dressing of the wedding venue that you’ve previously chosen. To do that, we need to get in touch a few months before the wedding, so as to have enough time to design the styling and layout -inspired by your love story- as well as to make all the necessary arrangements. We take care of the lighting, floral decorations, furniture, tablecloths, decorative features, and anything else we may need to create an amazing setting for you. Wherever you look, you’ll see something connected to your personality, all spaces together will be telling your story.
This service also includes our on-the-day coordination service, therefore, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your big day stress-free.


Key Points to Start Planning your Wedding

We have the perfect service for those couples who have the time and desire to plan their own wedding, yet they don’t know where to start and need some guidance and advice. If this is your case, we’ll be glad to provide you with a list of suppliers, options and ideas, depending on your needs, preferences and budget, and the type of wedding you want to have. We’ll give you the key points and answer all queries you may have, for you to start planning your wedding.

Decoración y coordinación de bodas Mallorca
Bodas exclusivas en Mallorca


This service is aimed couples who live abroad and wish to get married in the Balearic Islands. And Majorca is one of the most popular destinations to celebrate a wedding. The island offers a great range of venues and reputable professionals and suppliers in the wedding industry, has good connections and infrastructure, a lovely weather and a beautiful scenery.

Our clients, coming from countries all around the world (Spain, England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Denmark, France, USA, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand…), travel to Majorca to enjoy its sunny shores, its food, its relaxed atmosphere and the excellent quality service. Majorca is the perfect wedding destination.

For those who wish to get married in Majorca, we offer our PREMIUM SERVICE, as we believe couples from abroad will be needing our full-service design and planning, and any extras they may require. We’ll make them feel at home!


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