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Hi! This is Marián and Miguel Ángel, siblings and workmates, the heart and soul of Pasión Eventos. All these years we’ve seen a lot of people smiling and hugging, we want to keep playing a part in creating beautiful moments for many other couples. We know very well what getting married means, so we’ll give you the key to enjoy every step of the journey. We love our profession, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do a great job nor do it so happily.

We want people to come to us for who we are and how we work. We like to build a good rapport with our couples and work closely with them. Our commitment to you goes far beyond a contract, we plan your wedding as if it were our own. Every project is different and special, that’s why we don’t do packages or anything of that sort. We only work with reputed professionals who share our values and vision a prerequisite for us.

To us, wedding planning means: dedication, commitment, good organisation, empathy and loyalty. It also means being able to meet your clients’ wishes and provide them with exactly what they need. Our primary goal is to create a wedding that is a reflection of you as a couple, and infuse it with your style, your character, your charm. Your wedding with a capital Y.

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Enterprising, decisive, perfectionist and in love with her job.
Graduated in Business Administration, specialising in Tourism Management and expert in Event Planning.

She has broad experience and expertise in the event planning industry, especially in wedding planning, for 8 years she worked in several well-known companies in Majorca and Barcelona. As a result of her education and professional background, she was able to make her dream come true, and was able to turn her passion into her profession. In March 2009 she created her own business, Pasión Eventos, to which she is been devoted ever since and does her best every day to see it grow. She loves her job with her whole heart.

Very natural, enthusiastic, frank and with great sense of humour. Loves timeless elegance, ageless beauty. Has great admiration for those who are benevolent, honest and intelligent. Also, a good food lover. Her motto: absolute dedication, continuous improvement and impeccable client service.


Honest, hard-working, reliable.
Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism with a strong background in Wedding Planning.

Diplomatic, resolute, perceptive, cheerful and caring. He’s very understanding and shows great patience with couples, thanks to his empathetic and friendly nature. His capacity to remain calm in stressful situations is remarkable. He finds beauty where most eyes see none and spends part of his time restoring and embellishing vintage items and turning them into unique pieces. He also has a passion for interior and exterior design. He definitely has good taste. A polite and fairly reserved person who embraces the simple things in life.

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